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Hospitals can improve their business processes and patient care if they track the location, movement and status information of their assets and people. AIS RealTime installs real-time location systems from a variety of vendors. We have experience with RTLS systems based on 802.14/ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Infrared, Ultrasound, and passive technologies.

AIS RealTime is an installation partner for many industry leading RTLS system providers, dealers, and developers. These companies offer truly practical solutions for enterprise-wide RTLS in hospitals.

AIS RealTime has proven its value to partners through dozens of successful installs across the US. Each install is a 30-day project, from feet on the ground to successful network certification signoff. The short-duration install is critical for hospitals: We know that we must complete the project with minimum disruption to patient care activities, leave them with a great network, and get out of their way.

AIS RealTime has a staff of installers who combine technical skills with an excellent customer service ethic. We understand the stress of the hospital environment and the need for patient privacy. We are committed to doing our job politely and quickly. Our goals are to respect the needs of patients and staff, to answer all of their questions professionally, to gain their buy-in, and to leave an excellent network behind.

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AIS RealTime provides Real-time Location Solutions (RTLS) with features and benefits customized specifically for the healthcare environment.
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