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AIS RealTime serves the acute care industry’s wireless technology needs by installing and maintaining Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).

Our customer-service technicians are the best in their fields. AIS RealTime provides over 100 acute care sites with the best-in class service for installations, emergency service calls, and preventative maintenance.

Check out all the benefits of AIS RealTime Acute Care services.
1) Reduce search time
  • Our studies show reduction of up to 75% in equipment search times, so patients are treated sooner and nurses spend less time in non-care tasks.
2) Reduce rental charges
  • You don't rent equipment solely because your inventory count is light. In many cases, you rent equipment because you simply can't find your own valued assets. Many hospitals can reduce their rental charges by 50% by finding and using their own tagged assets.
3) Reduce shrinkage
  • Did another telemetry unit get wrapped up in the soiled laundry and sent through the wash? Did a patient leave the hospital with your monitor? Are some assets leaving with staff? RTLS systems build a record of the location and departure of each asset, and may create a powerful deterrent to shrinkage.
4) Increase utilization and efficiency
  • Optimize workflow, reduce downtime, improve patient flow, and speed up room and bed turnover. All by exploiting the real-time information on patient and asset movement and location you gather with an RTLS system.
5) Comply with regulations and recall notices
  • Meet Joint Commission regulations for temperature monitoring, and assure 100% compliance with equipment recall updates, because you can find each recalled asset.
6) Improve equipment maintenance
  • Alert your maintenance staff of the specific location of each asset on the exact day that its preventative maintenance is due.

AIS RealTime Acute Care Services:

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AIS RealTime provides Real-time Location Solutions (RTLS) with features and benefits customized specifically for the healthcare environment.
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