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AIS RealTime has installed or experimented with just about every brand of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology and system available on the market. You'll see a couple of overlaid systems deployed around our home office, and a lot more back in our storage area. We have written RTLS software, combined it with several kinds of hardware, deployed the systems, and we continue to tweak them.

We've partnered with just about everyone. We've run down unsuccessful "rabbit holes" as well, thrown out the equipment, started over again, and learned from the experience. We live and breathe this stuff.

We know the relative advantages and disadvantages of Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Infrared, Ultra Wideband, Ultrasound, GPS, active/passive RFID, and hybrid systems. We know the unique needs of hospitals and Assisted Living facilities, as well as warehouses, factories, retailers, and resorts.

We have a formal process for analyzing your needs, quantifying the potential savings, and selecting the hardware and software combination that brings the maximum return on your investment.

Contact us for a no-risk chat about how RTLS systems can improve your bottom line.

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We knew we needed an RTLS solution for our marketspace, but didn't have the resources to evaluate all possible alternatives. AIS RealTime partnered with us to identify the right hardware, and they wrote the software, for what became our market-leading solution.

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AIS RealTime provides Real-time Location Solutions (RTLS) with features and benefits customized specifically for the healthcare environment.
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